Bickerton Portables Today

Mark Bickerton’s involvement with folding bikes stretches over the past four decades – perhaps the longest of anyone in the industry today.

Over the past 30 years, he has worked with highly qualified and experienced team of friends to spearhead the development of folding bikes. Together they are responsible for many of today’s most advanced folding bike designs.

In 2011, Mark re-launched Bickerton Portables as part of Mobility Holdings Ltd, a privately owned group dedicated to advancing the art and science of cycling. Bickerton Portables today marries the heritage and style of the original Bickerton brand with modern designs, materials and manufacturing.

Mark works from his UK office at Hawkhurst in Kent. The Bickerton commercials offices are located in Taipei.

So whilst Bickerton Portables are inherently British, the company is lucky indeed to have team members in design, development, manufacture and distribution all around the globe.

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