London Transport Bag

Cover and carry your bike

The London Transport Bag is a lightweight cover that slips over your bike and lets you carry the entire package with a padded shoulder strap while keeping you and others free from grease and grime. The weight of the bike is supported by the quick-lash internal straps so the outer cover itself can be light and highly compressible. Perfect for trains, the tube or buses that require you to bag your bike. When not in use the Transport Bag stuffs into its own included saddle bag.

• Fits Bickerton 20″ bikes
• Cover your bike in seconds without any lifting
• Padded shoulder strap
• Rip-stop nylon cover you and other passengers grease free
• Stuffs into its own saddlebag when not in use
• Patented design

Transporter Bag
Transporter 1
Transporter 2
Transporter 3
Transporter 4

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