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“In all the world there is only one folding bicycle to consider seriously – the Bickerton… It is in a class of its own for combining portability, easy riding, and load carrying ability.”

[Richard’s Bicycle Book by Richard Ballantine, 1973]

Welcome to Bickerton Portables. My father, Harry Bickerton designed and built the original, lightweight folding bike for multi-mode commuting in 1971 by using the latest aluminum-alloy materials and inventing the hinge that inspired what is still used on most modern folding bikes to this day. Over the following 20 years we sold about 600,000 folding bikes. This year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary in style with the next generation of Bickerton Portables.

If he were alive today, I think he would be very proud to see his vision and innovation born out in a new, state of the art range.

Mark Bickerton